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FLAG and EMFF are now open for applications.

Hastings has a ring-fenced FLAG fund of £800,000 with the ambition to fund approximately 10 projects. These projects will need to identify with a CLLD objective and a core article.

There is also potential to draw down additional funds of core EMFF. The European Maritime Fisheries Fund is a European Structural investment fund specifically targeted to support fisheries, inland water, aquaculture and maritime sectors.

In general, to qualify for EMFF funds a project needs to support the overall aims of the EMFF which are to:
• make the fisheries and aquaculture sectors more sustainable
• conservation of the marine environment
• support growth and jobs in coastal communities

Projects will need to be match funded. Intervention rates vary depending on the article and type of organisation making the application.

First Stage

Please fill out an EOI (Expression of Interest) form for new projects. This can be found at the bottom of the page.
This needs to be sent to the FLAG Animator for appraisal who in turn may gain advice from the MMO (Marine Management Organisation) regarding eligibility. It is helpful to include as much information as possible so that we can identify which article is most suitable for the project. The EOI is purely an eligibility check and guidance stage. Eligible projects will be discussed at EDG and may be advised to continue with a full FLAG application or, alternatively, recommended that the project go through the core EMFF scheme.
If you need help completing the form, please contact the Animator for support;

Second Stage

If your project is eligible, you can apply online through the MMO’s E-system. All projects have to be applied for online but the Animator can support you with this.

Once the application has been submitted, the FLAG programme team will receive it through the E-system to ensure everything is in place before sending to the MMO. The EDG will then assess the application using the MMO eligibility guidance and recommend it goes to the FLAG board for approval. Once approved, the FLAG programme team completes a checklist and submits the application to the MMO.
The MMO aims to turn around decisions on FLAG projects within 2-3 weeks

Claiming Payments

Once your project is approved payments are then claimed from the MMO. Payments are claimed through reimbursement. Any evidence of project spend must be submitted to the MMO before any money can be reimbursed.
Quotes are automatically inputted, therefore, it is especially important that any changes to supplier are advised ASAP.

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