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Hastings Fishing Industry

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The Hastings FLAG area is unique as it covers the whole Borough of Hastings but focused on the fishing community based on the Stade, the working fishing beach and home to the largest under 10m shingle beach based fleet in the UK.

In recent times severe quota restrictions on cod in area VIId of the Eastern English Channel have put the fleet under extreme pressure as individual fishermen’s earnings have slumped and throughput in the fish-market of locally caught fish has been reduced. A long history of sustainable and responsible fishing has been compromised by the pressures to discard quota species at certain times.

The Hastings FLAG’s core objective is to support the fishing industry and to work in partnership with the Hastings Fishermen’s Protection Society. This link shows the importance of the  Fleet to Hastings and its sustainable fishing practices

The Hastings Fishermen’s Protection Society is a uniting mechanism for the fleet and fishermen. This is reinforced by the Deed of Compromise of 1947 which puts the fishermen and Hastings Borough Council in a special relationship where custom and practice is embedded in law. Through this partnership approach to solving problems and addressing issues has developed and remains a strong and enduring relationship on which the FLAG has built.  

Fishing Pathways is a fantastic opportunity for young people to learn about working with and in the Hastings Fishing industry...
A great project that really captured the essence of the fishermen and the fishing beach through painting and photography - and also be exhibited in the House of Commons in January 2014
Until the net flakers were funded under the FLAG programme many of the Hastings fishermen had to manually shoot, recover and fold up to three miles of fishnets!


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