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Hastings is and continues to be an attractive visitor destination for people in the South East, particularly day trippers and for national and international tourists. Many of the FLAG projects offer new experiences for these visitors and aims to encourage return visits and to help them become more aware of the importance of the town’s sustainable fishing industry, the local environment, and to learn how to identify, buy and cook more fish.

Projects that particularly offer something new few destination visitors are:

Eco-Stade combines low impact-tourism, camping, walking, cycling with fish buying and cooking and introduces a host of new amenities to the Stade area of the old town to enhance the destination visito
Classroom on the Coast at Hastings Stade is the Hastings FLAG ‘flagship project’ that will open the doors on sustainable fish and fishing providing the first Seafood School at a small boat fishery
The second Hastings Herring Fair was another great success for the FLAG earning praise from the local press editorial and a double page spread.


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