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Welcome to Hastings
Fisheries Local Action Group

Funded by the European Union

The Hastings FLAG is a highly representative body of individuals and organisations drawn from the fisheries, public, private and community sectors. The Hastings FLAG is one of six local FLAG's in England which were recently awarded £800,000 as part of the EU’s European Maritime Fisheries Fund which was administered by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) on behalf of DEFRA. The latest round of funding, known as FLAG 2, is finishing in March 2020.

The Hastings FLAG successfully supported 23 different projects during FLAG 1 under the “Invest in sustainable fisheries” theme. Support was given to 18 projects during the FLAG 2 programme under 3 different themes as seen below. Details of the individual projects can be seen through the tabs at the top of the page.

The Hastings FLAG looks forward to working with MMO and DEFRA regarding any future national funding support.

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Sustainable Fleet and Supply Chain

Safeguarding and creating new jobs and sustaining industry, such as purchasing greener infrastructure items and adopting innovative business models. It will aim to harness the power of marketing our sustainable catch, and build capacity within its core onshore functions to develop and seize cost saving or income generating opportunities in the future.

The Environment

Working with researchers and specialist practitioners to inform the fleet about mitigating environmental impacts, policy reforms and changing work practices. It will explore greener business models, build supply chain opportunities outside of the locality and link with other environmental activities and funding bids around harbour arm improvements, marine litter and marine environment education.  It will also support creating a greener public realm economy within the fishing quarter.

The Place

Developing the identity of ‘The place’, through educational, economic and brand development by taking a holistic approach to the locality’s economy, working with partners to educate and inform end users, developing a locality specific and shared, sustainable economy.

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